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Paresky Flitt & Company, LLP-There Is A Difference

When you work with Paresky Flitt & Company, LLP you’ll experience a difference because we endeavor to nurture and grow our business relationships, we always welcome your phone calls and input, and take the time to answer questions.

We’re there when you need us and even when you don’t think you do.  In other words, we anticipate potential issues and help devise solutions before they become headaches for you and your business.

But don’t take our word for it—read what our clients have to say about us.

Here are more reasons why working with us is a smart business decision:

  • No hidden agenda:  We’re always thinking of your best interest and won’t try selling you adjunct services or products, such as insurance or investments.
  • Business acumen:  Our staff of CPAs has thorough training, proven track records, and solid business acumen.
  • Foundation of mutual trust:  Our relationship with you is of the utmost importance. We build this relationship from a foundation of mutual trust and respect.
  • Real relationships:  We like our clients. We treat each client as a person first and as a business owner second.
  • Staff who thrive:  We like our employees. We’re a family-oriented firm that offers a casual, yet professional environment, which allows our staff to thrive.
  • Team players:  We believe in a strong team approach. You will always know-and have access to-at least two of our associates.
  • Practical solutions:  We pride ourselves on offering a pragmatic approach and practical solutions.
  • Business people:  We’re business people, too. We understand the challenges and obstacles that you face because we face them as well.
The Paresky & Flitt team has worked with my company for the past ten years. Through financial difficulties and upswings, bank lender transitions, an IRS audit, retirement planning, international subsidiary development, as...
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