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Framingham company gets help with IRS audit

Recently Paresky Flitt & Company helped a Framingham business who had received a notice from the IRS that they were being audited.

We advised the company’s owners to allow us to represent them in the audit. We obtained a Power of Attorney, and contacted the IRS directly on the client’s behalf. The IRS agent conducted the audit at our Wayland office instead of at the client’s site, so that we could answer any questions that arose. In advance of the audit, we streamlined the required documentation (much of which already we had in our files) to ensure the IRS agent had everything they needed, right from the first day. This allowed the agent to work efficiently and close the audit in less time. After seeing that everything was accounted for and in order, our client received a ‘No Change’ verdict from the IRS.

Having Paresky Flitt represent the company during the audit allowed the business owners to continue their work with minimal interruptions and to take away a lot of the stress that comes with an audit. As CPAs, we have experience handling tax audits and are better prepared than a typical business owner to deal with the IRS. Allow us to use our experience to help you should you find yourself in this predicament.

We helped this client, and we can help you too.
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