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Online Retailer Adds Overnight Sales Team

Recently we met with an online retailer of specialty safety equipment in Framingham. After reviewing their tax plan, we began to have a general discussion about the business as a whole. The owner spoke enthusiastically about his newly designed website, and was excited that when he and his team arrived to work each morning there were many inquiries from potential customers all over the globe waiting to be answered.

We asked if they ever considered training and staffing an over-night crew so these could be answered immediately, and if that would result in a higher closing rate. He had, but was concerned about cost, supervision and potential down time of the overnight employees. A quick calculation indicated the increased sales as a result of instant response time would far exceed the cost to staff the night shift. Further investigation found outside companies which could provide this service in a cost effective manner, with minimal management by the owner. Our client moved forward and saw marked improvement in turning the night time inquiries into sales. Sometimes engaging in a general business discussion can provide a new perspective and lead to a direct increase in sales!

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