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Estate and Trust Services

Everyone has heard horror stories about estates being held up in probate. Proper estate planning takes time and thoughtful consideration with professionals who understand the ins and outs of the intricate estate laws.

At Paresky Flitt & Company, we take the time to understand your family and work dynamics as well as what your vision is for your heirs.

We’ve discovered that although most clients have estate planning documents many do not understand what the documents mean. Through this service, we:

  • Interpret your wills and trusts so that you may understand all implications
  • Provide a visual roadmap as to the current disposition of your assets and who is in charge of making decisions for you
  • Review your stockholder agreements and stock redemption plans to make sure your taxes will be paid and your family provided for
  • Ensure that your assets are maximized while costs and tax liabilities are minimized
  • Make recommendations for changes that ensure your estate plan fits your current business and personal financial situation as well as current law

Once we are assured that your estate plan adequately protects your assets, we will also monitor it for any changes in your situation or the law and notify you if adaptations are needed.  We ensure maximization of assets while minimizing costs and tax liabilities

If you are interested in this service or have any questions regarding estate planning, please contact Maureen Conway.

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“We undertook estate planning, and PFC gave us suggestions on lawyers, and they were actively involved in helping us set up trusts for our family. They really helped us with the interpretation-understanding...
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